18 October 2018

Nissan’s Formula E journey begins in Valencia

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Nissan’s Formula E journey begins in Valencia

The championship begins its fifth season with the "Gen2" Formula E car; the chassis, battery, powerplant and aerodynamics are all new. Formula E will also feature a new race format that will demonstrate the improvements in battery technology.

"We won't have the change of cars midway through the race, which highlights the fact that the technology in the batteries has been improving massively in just a few years," said Buemi.

"The car looks very different. I think it looks great. It's also more powerful, and the range is much better."

Swiss racer Buemi is looking forward to working with his new teammate, British-based Thai driver, Alex Albon.

"He's got a lot of experience already," said Buemi.

"He's been racing in many different single seaters. I'll do the best I can to support him and give him as much advice as I can before the start of the season."

Albon is currently second in this year's FIA Formula 2 championship and recently took victory in the Formula 2 feature race in Russia.

The 22-year-old Formula E rookie is also eagerly awaiting the chance to work with the 2015/16 series champion.

"He's the king of Formula E," said Albon.

"He's got the most the most wins, most poles and fastest laps. He brings a lot to the team and there will be a lot I can learn from him.

“He's vastly experienced with energy management, and that's so important in Formula E. I plan to try to learn as much as I can and soak up everything."

Testing in Valencia begins tomorrow at 9am local time with a three-hour session. An additional three-hour session will begin at 2pm. The same schedule will be repeated on Wednesday and Friday.

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