19 January 2022

Ruff-Road Ready: New Nissan Dog Pack Makes Bringing your Furry Friend a Walk in the Park

MELBOURNE, Australia (January 19th, 2022) – Nissan has just made taking your furry friend along for the ride easier and safer than ever, with the launch of the new Nissan Dog Pack available in the Qashqai, X-Trail and Patrol.

The Nissan Dog Pack is a suite of new accessories designed to keep your pet comfortable and safe in the car, with Nissan owners able to purchase the entire collection, or customise the offering to suit their needs.

“For so many of us, our pets are like a member of the family, and now it’s easier than ever to bring your dog along with you on your next road-trip, whether to the local park or to the other side of the country,” says Nissan Australia managing director, Adam Paterson.

“The Nissan Dog Pack puts your furry friend front and centre, with ramps, comfortable beds, travel bowls for food and water and new ways to organise your cargo area. Both you and your pet will love our new accessories.”

The Dog Pack includes a rear protection tray or mat (depending on vehicle model), a reflective boot-lip protector, a four-piece dog travel set (including an easy-store bowl, a lead, a waste-bag holder and a sealable food bag), an over-seat cargo-area organiser and an all-terrain dog bed.

A recent study in the UK’s Vet Record found dogs jumping in and out of higher-riding cars and SUVs led to “augmented levels of loading on anatomical structures”, and could lead to serious joint or bone injury.

To counter this, the Nissan Dog Pack can also include a ramp that, when extended, stretches 1.6 metres from the boot lip to the ground, making for an easy and stress-free entry and exit from your vehicle for your pet. When not in use, the ramp retracts to fit easily in the rear cargo area or under a seat.

The Nissan Dog Pack can also include a sturdy cargo barrier that separates the rear cargo area from the cabin, ensuring your furry friend doesn’t go on any in-car adventures while you’re on the move.

Nissan customers can simply opt for the Dog Pack, which includes the comprehensive collection of dog-friendly accessories and merchandise. Or they can then add the extendable ramp, the cargo barrier, or opt for the complete offering, which includes the accessories and merchandise, the ramp and the cargo barrier.

All three options can be ordered at South Nowra Nissan across Australia at the time of vehicle purchase, or can be ordered as an accessory to existing vehicles. Pricing can vary according to both vehicle type and whether it’s the small-medium or large Dog Pack.

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